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Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing

How far can you throw?

For many years Stroud was internationally known as the home of World Champions and World Records. In the 1960s the Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing competitions opened up to include Strouds in America, in Australia and in Canada. 

in 2019, after a few years out of the competition, we took on the Australians again. Both countries ran competitions on the same day. Our English competitors threw the longest distances in both Rolling Pins and Bricks. 

Its time to start training for this years event. I am sure the Aussies won't have taken it lying down and they will be fierce opponents again this July. 

Here are the basics: 

  • All throwers must sign the appropriate form prior to throwing. Parents must sign for a competitor under the age of 18.  
  • Throws are conducted from a ring of 15’ diameter, with measurements being taken from the edge of the ring.  A competitor’s foot must not leave the ring when throwing, or this will be classified as a “foul throw” and not counted.
  • Each competitor is allowed 3 throws only.
  • Best of three throws is recorded, allowing for a qualifying throw of:

Brickthrowing – 50ft

Rolling Pin – 60ft

  • Throws under these distances will not be measured or recorded.


Let us know if you want to compete.

Tell us whether you want to throw a brick or a rolling pin. If you are part of a team, please provide more information about your team including your team name and whether you have any under 18s in your team. 

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