Vegetable & Fruit Section Entries

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Entries for the show close on 18th July 2013

Send completed entry forms to Mr & Mrs T & M Wyatt, 224 Westward Road, Ebley, Stroud, Glos GL5 4ST (01453 752115)

Section Classes

All varieties to be named where possible

20. Cabbage, one pair with 2inch (50mm) stalk

21. Three globe beetroot, 3inch (7.5cm) tops trimmed

22. Runner beans, six pods

23. Three onions, their tops dressed

24. Dish of six pods of green peas

25. Soft fruits, one variety, one dish of no more than 12 items

26. Broad beans, six pods

27. Dish or plate of four potatoes (white one variety)

28. Dish or plate of four potatoes (coloured one variety)

29. Collection of four herbs for culinary use cut and displayed

30. Cauliflower, two, with leaves trimmed and with 2inch (50mm) stalk

31. Pair of lettuce (any variety)

32. Three carrots, 3inch (7.5cm) tops trimmed (one variety)

33. Any other kind of vegetable

34. Any three vegetables, organically grown

35. Rhubarb, 6 sticks with 3inch (7.5cm) foliage

36. Collection of vegetables (not less than 3 types) on a tray or in a basket (not to exceed 18x24inch (46x61cm)) Number of vegetables as for individual classes