Companion Dog Show Section

Held under Kennel Club Regulations

  • Judging Commences 11.30 am
  • Entry Fees : for each dog, £1.00 per class
  • All entries taken on the day
  • Rosettes awarded in all classes

Entries will be taken on the day from 10.30am. All entry fees must be paid at time of entry.

We regret we are unable to reply to emails received after 9am on Thursday July 16th 2015 due to our field set up programme.

Novelty Classes I        Judge :Bob Hargreaves

Class 1             Never done it before! (not won a thing)
Class 2             Dog with the Most Appealing Expression
Class 3             Dog in the Best Condition
Class 4             Best Brace
Class 5             The Dog with the Waggiest Tail

Handling Classes        Both Judges

Class 6             Child Handler up to 16 years
Class 7             Puppy Walk, any dog 6 – 12 mths old

Novelty Classes II        Judge :Mollie Apperley

Class 8             Golden Oldie, dogs aged 7 years and over
Class 9             Canine Catwalk (pretty bitch/handsome dog)
Class 10           Best Rescue Dog
Class 11           The Best Six Legs
Class 12           The Dog the Judge would like to take Home

Class 13 All First prizewinners         Both Judges

Best Dog
Reserve Best

Notes for Exhibitors/Competitors

Novelty Classes are open to all entered dogs whether Kennel Club registered or not.

In Class 1, dogs must not have been awarded any place in a dog show class ; any rosettes given as part of a “Special Award” are not counted

Junior Handlers Classes for handlers under the age of 16 years and dog owned by exhibitor, or a member of the exhibitor’s family

Brace Class for any two dogs owned by exhibitor or a member of the exhibitor’s family

Dogs which have won any of the following awards are not eligible for entry at this Companion Dog Show

·         Challenge Certificate (or any award that counts towards the title of Champion under the rules of any governing body recognised by the Kennel Club.) [Pedigree Classes only]

·         Reserve Challenge Certificate [Pedigree Classes only]

·         Junior Warrant [Pedigree Classes only]

·         Obedience Certificate [Obedience Classes only]

Only dogs of 6 calendar months of age and over on the day of the show are eligible for entry.

Entries will be taken on the day from 10.30am. All entry fees must be paid at time of entry.

Exhibitors and officials at Companion Dog shows shall be subject to Kennel Club Rule A42.

Organised by

Stroud District Horticultural & Agricultural Show Society

Chairman : Mrs Edna Powell, 7a Lansdowne, Stroud GL5 1BB
Tel : 01453 763660

Dog Section Organiser : Mr Gilbert Kitchen, Towys, Tibbiwell Lane, Painswick Stroud GL6 6YA
Tel : 01452 813165

Show Schedule Notices

Dogs in Cars on Hot Days

Your dog is vulnerable and at risk during hot weather and the Kennel Club offers the following guidance to help guide you through the do’s and don’ts travelling to and whilst at Kennel Club licensed events.

  • When travelling to a show please take a moment to consider whether the route to the show is on a busy holiday route, and leave earlier to avoid increased time in traffic jams.
  • If your vehicle is not air-conditioned seriously consider whether travelling to the show is a good idea at all
  • The vehicle should be as fully ventilated as possible, and plenty of stops should be taken, with lots of water available to drink.
  • Ensure your dog is not sitting in full sunlight. There should be plenty of free flowing air around the dog.
  • When at the show, never leave your dog in the vehicle.
  • Keep the dog in the shade – take your own shade, for example a large umbrella and always have plenty of water available to drink so your dog stays well hydrated.
  • Avoid your dog taking part in unnecessary exertion, or from standing in exposed sunlight for extended lengths of time.

Remember, if you feel hot your dog is very likely to feel much hotter and dehydrated, and this could lead to dire results. Please look after your dog’s welfare.

Warning: If your dog is found to be at risk, forcible entry to your vehicle may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.

Anyone whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met, and should not put a dog’s health and welfare at risk by any action, default, omission or otherwise. Breach of Kennel Club Regulations in this respect may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Regulations.

Right to refuse Entries

Exhibitors/competitors are reminded that show societies have the right under Kennel Club regulations to refuse any entry.


A dog docked on or after the 6th April 2007 may not be entered for exhibition at this show.